Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday: I wanted to post a cat picture but the cat ran away

It's insanely windy today! This is a house around the block from mine. I also saw a row of decapitated trees on my way home but I had no place to pull over to take a picture.


Blogger Li said...

Whoah! I didn't see any fallen trees. It was just dusty as heck on the way home from UH (I'm going to hurt whoever thought it was a good idea to sweep the freeway on a windy day) and all I saw were fallen cacti in the back yard. :O

5:51 PM  
Anonymous None other than William said...

I saw a LOT of tress down, and some powerlines down, due to the wind on my audits with the CoH today.

7:50 PM  
Blogger Margaret Walk said...

I saw those decapitated trees by Wal-Mart. They were held up by stakes, but the tops of the trees had all broken off so it was just a trunk, supported by sticks.

It made me sad. :<

9:26 PM  

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