Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wednesday: Doll

My apologies for missing Monday! I'm afraid this is a rather old picture as well. It just gets too dark too early these days! And today my camera's batteries died and I kept forgetting to replace them!


Since Li posted a picture yesterday of me fooling with my dolls, I supposed I'd share a better photo of one of the dolls. This is Branwen, one of my girls. I am completely obsessed with my dolls, but I'll resist the urge to go on about them all (for now). I'll probably post more pictures of them sooner or later anyway.

Branwen is a Ani girl from Cerebus Project, by the way.


Anonymous jing said...

its a very interesting photo!
it looks like a grace lady...:) a grace lady doll...

8:12 AM  
Blogger Margaret Walk said...

Thank you! Branwen is my favorite of all the dolls I own. :D

5:45 PM  

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